The Chiropractor, The Physiotherapist, The Plastic Surgeon: A Girl’s Best Friends

Did you hear the one about the chiropractor, the physiotherapist, the plastic surgeon and the girl? Well, thanks to MasterCard and Visa, they are all best friends. It is a world where physical attributes remain the most important currency, as we explore the shallows endlessly. The fairer sex, despite decades of liberation and emancipation, equalisation and glass-ceiling shattering, still rest their laurels on their rumps and pretty faces. Human beings cannot get past procreation. We are perpetually mired in our preoccupation with sex. Fashions are just sex dressed up.

The Chiropractor, The Physiotherapist, The Plastic Surgeon: A Girl’s Best Friends

If nature has not endowed us with a desirable body we will amend that with cosmetic surgery. If something feels out of place or wrong, we will manipulate or massage it back into shape. We do not have time to sit and ponder, we act before the first act ends. Life in the fast lane of the upper middle classes, is like a performance or a major sporting event. There are trainers and coaches involved, along with physical therapists, and scalpel wielders, when push comes to shove and that didn’t work either.

Your friendly suburban, chiropractor is waiting in his all white clinic to crack your back and send you into momentary bliss. You may walk out, slightly unsure of your bearings, but something has clicked into place on that table. A trusted physiotherapist can guide you back from the brink of injury and set you on the right path to redemption. When the plastic surgeon draws lines on your body with his trusty marker, until your accountant says no, it will be a new day tomorrow. You may even walk taller and find yourself putting it all out there on social media.

The chiropractor, the physiotherapist, the plastic surgeon: a girl’s best friends when she needs them most. They winkle out those wrinkles and crack those backs back into place. They share the secrets of our bodies, our minds and our spirits. A beautiful woman is akin to a F1 car, a high-performance racing machine, and like them she needs a trip over the pits, every now and then. A lube and a tyre job. Her gasket might need refitting or replacing, to get her motor purring once again. We all live in these bodies and our minds imagine them even more. A girl needs a good mechanic every now and then.

Looking Good Feeling Good

In this day and age, we all understand the importance of looking good if we want to feel good about ourselves. First impressions are lasting impressions; and in these busy times people do not take the time to look again. We must get it right at the outset and make that defining impression. Style and aesthetics, fashion and beauty, are essential elements of the human experience in the twenty first century. Our politicians are looking younger on our television screens, with makeovers an important facet in the marketing of political parties and their individual candidates. Nobody wants to look like an old man or woman, and nobody wants to vote for one either.

Looking Good Feeling Good

The zeitgeist of the times tells us that you can have it all. You can be wise, youthful and gorgeous. You can have your cake and eat it too, but it better be gluten free and low fat. Cosmetic surgery is no longer a taboo subject, it is no longer only inferred with a nod and a wink. Today, it is proudly announced on centre stage; and is no more shocking than a kitchen makeover. Looking good, feeling good is a prerequisite in the world we live in. Plastic surgery, does that make us all like Barbie and Ken?

Superficial is an extraneous valueless judgement. Skin deep is now very deep indeed. Wrinkles and sagging flesh, baldness and mature bodies, are all failings in the eye of the beholder. Nobody has the time or inclination to hang around and find out if what’s inside is worth putting up with the shabby front. Intimacy is posturing with perfect skin. Botox presents an unchanging visage, with limited options for things like smiles. Looking good, feeling good is the mantra of the hour. Fashions are getting thinner and thinner. Matrons are now alarmingly slim and wearing their granddaughter’s gear.

Sleek and stylish is de rigueur from cradle to the grave; puppy fat has been outlawed. Growing up happens in the blink of an eye. Social media has put everyone in the public eye 24/7. Facebook is an unblinking eye. Feathered birds have fallen silent and inane opinions Twitter ceaselessly. We all have opinions about absolutely everything. Doesn’t she look simply ghastly in that outfit. He should never have worn that tie. Isn’t it terrible about Syria. Hillary Clinton looked so dumpy. Build a wall and keep the Mexicans from entering. Muslims; I couldn’t see myself in a head scarf, let alone a veil.




Porn Stars & Plastic Surgery: Cosmetic Genital Modifications

A lot of people, especially the highest class of Sydney escorts, opt to modify or augment some parts of their body. This may be because it is needed in their line of work, to gain confidence, improve sexual satisfaction or just to enhance their looks. For porn stars, they need to have the perfect breasts, vagina and penis for them to stand out from the crowd. In doing so, their genitals often have to do the talking.

There is an overwhelming craze over cosmetic genital modifications. This is evident in as simple as shaving one’s pubic hair. People who deem it to be important to undergo cosmetic genital modifications are either porn stars or are influenced by the countless pornographic materials they have seen.

Porn Stars & Plastic Surgery: Cosmetic Genital Modifications

There is so much obsession with having the perfect vagina and penis. Women who would want to enter the porn industry should have a clean and tucked in vagina. On the other hand, men are expected to have a long penis with impressive girth. People who are born lacking such traits need not to worry, as cosmetic genital modifications are available at their disposal.

The Perfect Vagina

According to the society’s norm, the perfect vagina should have no lips and symmetrical. Porn stars shell out at least $4,000 to achieve the desired vaginal look. This is made possible through labiaplasty.

Women who undergo labiaplasty are increasing each year. Under this procedure, the interior lips of the vagina are surgically removed. In some countries, girls as young as 16 years old undergo labiaplasty. On average, it may take up to three months before the alterations become fully healed.

The Desirable Penis

According to The Telegraph, Germany is the world’s capital for penis enlargement procedures. As a matter of fact, more than 2,000 penoplasty procedures were performed in the country. In penoplasty, the suspensory ligament of the penis is cut to reveal more part of its base. Then, the person’s fats are introduced in the penis shaft to get it bigger. On average, this 80-minute cosmetic surgery yields an additional 3-6 cm length and 2-3 cm girth.

There are also cases where pubic fat covers the penis, making it look “undesirable”. Surgeons perform liposuction to suck the fat and expose the penis’ true length and girth.

Demand for Plastic Surgery from Surprising Quarters

It has long been customary for people who don’t like some of their features to go for plastic surgeries. In fact, Colombia, Thailand and South Korea are tagged as the plastic surgery capitals of the world. For instance, recent statistical data show that at least a third of the women population in South Korea’s capital have undergone cosmetic enhancement.

According to Yahoo News, there were 357,000 cosmetic procedures performed in Colombia in 2014. The figure is the biggest in comparison to other developing countries. Most of these surgeries involve breast enlargement, liposuction and Botox. There is also a big demand for plastic surgery from surprising quarters: porn stars and prostitutes. Even some cam girls want a nip and tuck.

Demand for Plastic Surgery from Surprising Quarters

Each time we watch adult films or come across people who work in the sex industry, one cannot fail to observe their sexy figures, big breasts, and perfect penises and vaginas. This begs us to the question: “Are those real?”

It is a common myth that porn actors and sex workers undergo cosmetic surgeries to achieve their look. If truth be told, not all of them have been under the knife. But a greater number had implants and cosmetic procedures to be the busty actresses or girthy actors they are now today. Here is a list of the common plastic surgeries of these surprising quarters:

  • Labiaplasty

Porn stars often undergo vaginal rejuvenation surgeries in making their vaginas look neat and tidy. The procedure is also known as “The Barbie”, mainly because the exterior labia appears smooth like a plastic. In labiaplasty, a female’s labia minor or the inner lips of the vulva are clipped off. The procedure costs around $4,000 on average.

  • Breast Implants

It is kind of a trademark for porn stars to have well-loaded breasts. Some even think that the bigger they are, the better. However, ladies out there should think twice before they get a boob job. It may lead to aesthetic deformities and extreme back pain.

  • Penoplasty

Male porn stars are the epitome of the perfect penis. Their manhood has impressive length and girth. Some actors are naturally endowed with such penis, while others go under the knife to achieve it. According to Daily Mail Online, the demand for such procedure had increased significantly over the years. Porn stars and cam actors are kind of required to have the quintessential penis for them to do well in this business.

Why Good Health Matters With Every Procedure – Before And After

People go under the knife for various reasons. Whether it’s for aesthetic purposes or for general wellness and health, it is important to keep fit before and after any procedure. For procedures like liposuction, tummy tucks, and body sculpting, maintenance might be the most difficult part. Luckily, there are many easy diet plan out there that can make any person remain sexy even after going under the knife. It goes without saying that keeping healthy is still essential even if you have the means to just go for plastic surgery, however, there are other options that are good for your wallet and for your mind.

The risks of getting plastic surgery

There are many complications that can happen after and even during getting plastic surgery. Some of these are heart attacks, major blood loss, and organ damage. These are avoidable, however, it should be kept it mind that these can still happen to anyone. In order to avoid such complications, there are some things you can do before going under the knife. Number one will be to live a healthy lifestyle through adapting healthy meal plans and regular exercise. In this case, getting fit and sexy isn’t just about looking good anymore – it’s about maintaining good health that can handle any kind of procedure.

Good health has its wonders

fit and sexy - healthy meal plansBeing in good health, cannot just only improve your immune system, but it can improve your overall morale. Like getting plastic surgery, this is also an instant way to feel good about yourself and your appearance. With this said, if you’re planning to get something done in your body – make sure that you are both mentally and physically ready for it. Getting surgery is a serious thing, and if you’re not psychologically ready for it, then it might just do you even more harm in the future. Other than prepping your body, don’t forget to prep your mind as well. It is best to consult with a psychiatrist regarding this matter.

Why is it important to adapt an all-new healthy lifestyle post surgery? Just in case you haven’t been living healthy prior to your procedure, it is important to make an effort to achieve a slender figure in your own terms rather than just relying on getting another procedure again. If unhealthy eating habits are retained even after a procedure is done, then it is very likely that they’ll just go back to their old body – or worse, a body that is even in worse condition. Other than eating healthy, there are many fitness programs out there that can help you get on the right track.

Assess if your body is ready

Post-surgery, it is also important to assess if your body is in the right condition for any rigorous workouts. Most plastic surgery procedures require two to three weeks for healing, and only then they can do light exercises. For a full-blown workout, most physicians will advise to wait it out for six weeks. If this timeline is not observed, then you will be running the risk of getting the wound infected or serious damage to your nerves and organs. Even if there is a standard timeline as the one mentioned, your clearance to workout will also depend on how fast or slow you heal. This varies from person to person, so it is best to rely on what your doctor says regarding this.

Plastic surgery or not

Even if you’re not going under the knife, it is always a good thing to have easy diet plan on hand. Getting fit and sexy takes a lot of hard work, and it requires a lot of commitment from your end. If you want to jumpstart on your healthy lifestyle, it’s time to cut the fat and sugars. A lot of dieticians will recommend eating clean, as this is the most certain way that you’ll know that you’re eating good. Eating clean means consuming no preservatives and processed food – this means that you’ll be only eating foods that are natural and with no additives like artificial flavorings. While this sounds pretty boring, there are many recipes out there that make eating clean an absolute delight. Some the dishes that you can enjoy are chicken breast with broccoli and banana pancakes without the flour.

Consult first!

Before taking the plunge, it is best to consult with a surgeon regarding the procedure that you want to get. Assess if that’s what you really want and if you’re absolutely ready for it. Other measures that you should observe are your financial capacity and your readiness with the effects after the surgery. As mentioned, any plastic surgery procedure is a major deal – so it is best that you think through every measure very well. When it comes to adapting a healthy lifestyle through eating well, there are many experts out there who are more than willing to help you out on your wellness journey. At the end of the day, it is your wellness, health, and well-being that matter.

The Benefits of Plastic Surgery and Liposuction Surgery in Melbourne

Modern technology has afforded as the opportunity to look beautiful inside and out. With the availability of plastic surgery, we now have various choices to re-structure our body parts to look better and more appealing. The popularity of liposuction surgery in Melbourne, or any location in the world, also provides anyone suffering from excess fats to attain a more toned body while also improving their overall health condition.

The Benefits of Plastic Surgery

Improves Physical Appearance

Liposuction Surgery MelbourneThe most obvious reason for undergoing cosmetic surgery is to improve one’s appearance. Besides liposuction, the three other popular types of cosmetic surgery are facelift, breast augmentation, and rhinoplasty or nose reshaping.

Liposuction improves someone’s life by eliminating unnecessary fats of the body, thereby reducing that person’s weight in a short amount of time. That gives him or her more appealing body minus the unnecessary weight. Facelift aims to enhance and improve the most noticeable part of the body, the face. Rhinoplasty, on the other hand, offers anybody with the opportunity to reshape their nose so it can look better.Many women also long to have bigger breasts to be more seductive to men and they can achieve this through breast augmentation.

Promotes Better Breathing and Eliminates Snoring

Cosmetic surgery can also help people who are having difficulty breathing due to a deviated septum. Deviated septum is a medical condition where the bone in the nose and its cartilage dividing the nose’s nasal cavity in half is not present in its normal condition- it’s crooked or off centre- and it makes breathing difficult. This can be fixed through rhinoplasty. Not only does it improve the appearance of the nose, it can even help eliminate snoring.

Improves Body Posture

Another specific type of plastic surgery is breast reduction which also helps reduce the weight that a woman carries in her front. This is beneficial in improving a woman’s posture and can even eliminate back pain due to heavy breasts.

This condition is very helpful to someone who is into competitive sports like running. Since less pressure is now put to the athlete’s joints, then a more effective output can be expected.

Lowers the Risks of Heart Conditions

Breast reduction and liposuction help in achieving weight loss which in turn promotes better blood flow;helps reduce blood pressure, and even promote the decrease of bad cholesterol build-up. This also lessens the pressure to the joints, so even those who are not into active sports will greatly benefit from this through good health and good appearance.

Promotes Better Social Life

It’s no secret that better looking people achieve more in life. When you look good, you feel good, and people trust you because you have aunshakably strong self-confidence. Cosmetic surgery provides anyone with the opportunity to reshape any part of their body that they think is causing them shame and is keeping them from becoming the most confident person they should be.

Good looks can get you more friends, which translates to more connections. When you have many connections you have a huge chance of landing high-paying jobs.

Why Choose a Liposuction Surgery in Melbourne?

The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons is responsible for looking over the cosmetic surgery activities in Australia. Specifically, they set the guidelines and professional ethics and behaviour that their plastic surgeon members must strictly adhere to.

This strict compliance is also observed by the highly competent plastic surgeons in Melbourne.Melbourne is a popular spot for liposuction and other cosmetic operations where patients are ensured of the highest quality. There are many excellent companies offering plastic surgery services such as Skin Club Cosmetic Doctors.

Skin Club offers cosmetic doctors only of the highest calibres. With their wide experience and strong competency, patients are ensured to receive the safest and most aesthetically pleasing results. Simply put, Skin Club offers the best in world-class care.

The Relevance Of Cosmetics Business

In the contemporary world, cosmetic businesses have become a norm. Women and men are purchasing beauty products to enhance their face and body. This has made specialists to focus on the cosmetics business, which entails the toiletries supply, professional beauty, and personal care. The beauty products are supplied to clients who need to enhance their natural beauty. The face and neck are the major area that the beauty products are designed for.

Managing the Cosmetic Business

Cosmetics Business succession planningRather than going through plastic surgery, you can encourage clients to use your products to enhance their beauty. The products that you want to engage in must contain safe ingredients that can work as the clients expect. They must be able to perform the specific function that has been listed on it. If it is a facial cream that is meant to get rid of the wrinkles, it must remove the wrinkles effectively. Also, check that they do not have lethal side effects. If you can convince and prove to the customers about the effectiveness of your products, they will prefer not to go through the plastic surgery. You can also encourage them to use the products, since they can be used for personal care.

Determining Your Business Valuation

Business valuation helps you to determine the value of your business and learn about the profits that you make in a particular period. You should evaluate your cosmetics business in advance. This also helps you to prepare for the succession planning. With succession planning, it is all about exiting the company leadership or ownership and bringing in a suitable replacement. You should evaluate the business so that you can know the best person to maintain its value and enhance it further.

The Succession Planning Phase

When you need to handle the succession planning of your business, you will first off need to manage it before you decide to exit the company. If you do this in less than a month or a week before you leave, it can mess things up. Also, it will affect the advancement of the business. On the other hand, when you plan it more than a year before you finally exit the company, you will be able to get the right candidate. Also, the candidate will have enough time to prepare for the big role in the business.

Designing the Succession Planning Model

As you want to develop the succession planning model, you will need to consider some crucial factors. As you choose the best replacement, ensure that you consider the qualification, the appropriate skills of the candidate, along with the needed potential. The candidate must be qualified enough, and they must also have the right leadership skills. You should also carry out the right coaching and mentorship to ensure that they are ready for the job.

Relevance of the Cosmetics Business

The good thing about the cosmetics business is that it benefits both you and the clients. You will not only enjoy the massive profits, but you will also learn more about what is entailed in the cosmetics field. As the clients go through the enhancement of their natural beauty, you will be enjoying the benefits. With the right succession planning model, you will be sure of finding a suitable replacement that will carry the mantle of the business accordingly.

The Importance of Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate Wellness Programs have gained prominence in recent times, and for good reason. At the core of these programs is the need to ensure that employees enjoy good health and are generally appreciative of the beauty of working in their given capacities. The obvious benefits of corporate fitness and wellness programs can be evidenced in employees who are generally happier, more positive and certainly more productive.

Since employees are a company’s greatest asset, investing in employees’ health is an important facet in running any organization. The choice of wellness programs is as varied as the number of companies. These programs range from fitness training at select outlets, discounted food rates for healthy meals as well as gym subscriptions.

Role of wellness programs at the workplace

mployees are increasingly becoming health conscious, and this places the onus on organizations to keep up with the pace. Sadly, with increased workload, added pressure and longer working periods in today’s fast-paced world, maintaining this attitude is not always possible, or practical at best. In the long run, employees tend to become fatigued and burned out, thus leading them to leave the company.

This is closely related to less productivity, in turn creating losses for the organization. By creating a wellness program on-location, companies are able to benefit from healthier, more energetic employees. Improved productivity in this regard enhances the organization’s performance.

Benefits of incorporating a wellness program in corporate circles

When corporate organizations are cognizant of the fact that each employee has a health risk to a certain extent, it is possible to create a tailor-made program to meet the health needs of the staff. This creates the perfect environment for positive change to take place. Whether this means a reduction in one’s alcohol intake, or improved sleeping patterns, or even an introduction to an exercise regimen, wellness programs help employees stay healthy.

Another advantage of such wellness programs, as aforementioned, is that the programs lead to increased productivity at the workplace. At times, all that an employee needs is a little motivation in the right direction, and there is no better way to do this than with a corporate program.

The third benefit of incorporating wellness programs in an organization is that such programs foster teamwork. This builds great camaraderie among employees because it offers an opportunity to engage in a set of activities together. More importantly, it creates bonding among employees in a non-formal setup. This type of bonding has been shown to be critical in ensuring that employees are accountable to one another in a way that would otherwise not be possible in a formal and rigid setting.

Guidelines to developing an effective wellness program

To reap the benefits of wellness programs, companies need to be creative in formulating the programs. Creativity goes a long way in maintaining employee interest, motivation and productivity. As a general guide, it is best to incorporate modern trends in the programs to keep up with advancements in the industry. Lastly, it is critical to hire a qualified individual to lead the program. This not only ensures that the program continues seamlessly, it also holds an individual accountable for the day-to-day operations of the program.

A workplace wellness program is geared towards promoting employee health, thus reducing the risk of illnesses. This ensures that employees are in the optimal frame of mind and health to attend to their job duties. Creating a successful corporate fitness and wellness program however, requires a sound strategy and execution plan, which is why it is important to follow guidelines for the same.

Breast Augmentation In Sydney

Breast augmentation also known as breast enlargement is the placement of breast implants in order to improve symmetry of the breast, increase fullness or restore the volume of breasts lost due to pregnancy or weight loss. Clinically breast augmentation is referred to as mammoplasty.
Breast Augmentation Sydney


Types of breast implants

In Sydney, there are two types of breast implants commonly used:

1.) Silicone gel implant

Silicone implants are filled with viscous silicone gel that is held in an elastomer silicone shell. If this implant leaks, the gel either escapes into the breast implant pocket or stays in the shell. A patient who chooses this implant should have more regular checkups than those with saline implants.

The condition of the implant is determined with ultrasound or MRI scan.

2.) Saline implants

This implant is filed with sterile saline solution. The amount off the solution varies depending on the shape and how firm the breast should be. In case this type of implant leaks, the solution can be expelled naturally by the body.

The two types of breast implants have a life expectancy of 10-15 years after which they should be replaced.

Breast augmentation procedure steps

  • Anesthesia

First, medication is administered for your comfort during the operation. The choices include general anesthesia and intravenous sedation. The doctor should recommend the best choice for you.

  • The incision

An incision is then made in a hidden area to minimize the visibility of the scar. The surgeon should discus with you the different incision options so that you chooses where you would like the scar to be.

The different incision options are based on the degree of desired enlargement, type of breast implant, the shape of breast and patient preference.

  • Inserting the breast implant

After making the incision, the breast implant is inserted either directly behind the breast tissue over the pectoral muscle or under the pectoral muscle.

The method of inserting the breast implant and positioning it depends on the degree of the desired enlargement, type of implant and the recommendation by the surgeon.

  • Closing the incision

Once the implant is in place, the incision is closed either with layered sutures in the breast tissue, skin adhesive or surgical tape.

The results after a breast augmentation are visible immediately. You may go home the same day or say in the hospital overnight. After returning home, you should take things easy for about six weeks then begin to gradually resume to normal activities.

Cost of Breast augmentation In Sydney

The cost of breast augmentation in Sydney varies but the average cost ranges between $5000-$10,000 depending on the experience of the surgeon, geographic office location as well as the type of breast implant.

Breast augmentation cost includes anesthesia fee, hospital or surgical facility cost, medical tests cost, post surgery care cost, medication and the surgeon fee.

A successful operation should always come first. When looking for a certified breast augmentation surgeon in Sydney, your comfort with him or her and the his or her experience with breast implants is much more important than the final cost of the operation.

Fantastic Way To Become Self Confident With the Help of Plastic Surgery Brisbane

AEverybody want to be beautiful, due to the fact everyone appreciate attractiveness. Yet, not every one of us born gorgeous when compare our look with another person, and we consistently suffer. The majority of folks pay specific attention to the beauty of their shape and face, largely because when you are magnificent you’re self confident, also it’s simpler to look with joy and confidence in future. With the assistance of Brisbane plastic surgery you obtain amazing opportunity to accentuate your great components and to correct all your difficulties. A lot of people refer to plastic surgeons not just since they are disappointed with some parts of body and their face which has been given to them by nature, but also due to the injury and injuries that result in some problems.

You will discover that it’s not so easy to detect dependable plastic surgeon that’ll provide you just edges, if you may make studies in this field. As this is surgery on your face or body plastic surgeon doesn’t have right for error, for the motive that of his mistakes you rather than fixing some flaws will make situation worse.

Experienced and trustworthy Brisbane cosmetic surgeon will help you to evaluate your physical appearance in critic mode and to discover in the event you should generate plastic surgery. You may be sure you’ll be totally pleased with the results that is offered and will amaze everyone with your new face or body.

There are many different kinds of Brisbane cosmetic surgery for correction different parts of your face, for example nose, lips, ears, eyelids, correction of the body, for example liposuction, breast augmentation Brisbane and a number of other alternatives for those who have different problems. Provided alternative is considered one of the best in area of cosmetic surgery Brisbane and will surely please you with the quality of service that was offered. Mentioned plastic surgeon has good experience in this filed and has helped to countless individuals to achieve their great appearance.